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How to Know Your Hair Type and Embracing Them?

Have you often been puzzled about your hair type, especially when it seems to fluctuate between curly, wavy, and straight? Searching ‘hair type chart’ on Google can lead to a plethora of inconsistent images, making it even more confusing. But don’t worry – this article aims to provide a straightforward guide to help you confidently

Can Animal Hair Be Used to Make Wigs?

Animal hair can be used to make wigs; in fact, some of the wigs you’ve come across are made of animal hair, you just haven’t noticed. Moreover, using animal hair for wigs has a very long history. Wigs made from animal hair were discovered in the ancient Egyptian cemetery of Hierakonpolis, tomb HK43[1]. This cemetery

Exploring the Beauty and Differences of Knotless Braids and Traditional Box Braids

Exploring the Differences of Knotless Braids and Box Braids

Braiding has been a significant part of the beauty culture, transcending time and becoming a versatile and popular hairstyling method worldwide. Today, we will delve into the fascinating world of braids, exploring the differences between knotless braids and traditional box braids, and determining which style might be the right fit for you. Understanding the Structure

Types of Hair Extensions and Their Pros and Cons

Types of Hair Extensions and Their Pros and Cons

Hair extensions are divided into temporary hair extensions and permanent hair extensions according to the difficulty of installation and removal. What Are Permanent Hair Extensions? Permanent hair extensions generally use micro beads, keratin, tape, etc., to fix the hair extensions on the hair. The installation time for permanent hair extensions is generally longer, requiring at

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