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The lace closure hairline is relatively small in size. Still, it has a natural hairline and can be used for big-parting hairstyles. So they are affordable and functional, and very popular among consumers. There are three parts to consider for a quality lace frontal
1. Lace material: lace from Switzerland is recognized as the best in the industry; they are thin and transparent.
2. Hair raw material: made of Remy and Virgin hair, which can be bleached and dyed and has a long service life.
3. Ventilating hair: Skilled workers use single-knot and double-knot techniques. The single-knot is at the hairline, and the double-knot is at other places so that the hairline will be natural and the full lace frontal looks thick.

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Closure Type:

The most common lace frontal is 5×5; if you need other sizes, we can also do it.
Comparison of different types of lace closure 4x4-vs-5x5-vs-6x6-vs-7x7.

Lace Type:

All lace raw materials are imported from Switzerland.

Now the most popular is HD lace, we also have transparent and brown options for different customer needs, and the price is more favorable.

Hair Type:

We provide three types of hair: Non-Remy, Remy, and Virgin. We don’t define hair according to the country of hair, but we can also provide hair from a specific country if you need it, major countries: China, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, etc.

It is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish them by their appearance, but they can be easily determined after a period of use.

Non-Remy hairNo cuticle aligned, smooth, no tangle and shedding.Poor dyeing and bleaching performance, easy to break, short service life
Remy hairFull cuticle aligned, smooth, no tangle and shedding.Average dyeing and bleaching performance, average service life
Virgin hairNot been chemically treated and has retained its natural texture and intact cuticle.Excellent dyeing and bleaching performance, strong toughness, long service life

Hair Texture:

There are many subdivisions of hair texture, mainly six textures: Straight, Wave, Curly, Coily, Kinky Straight, and Yaki.

Different manufacturers may have different interpretations of the subdivided hair type, and the same hair can be composed of different hair textures, such as straight at the beginning and curly at the end. So it is best to provide us with photos.

Hair TexturesAndre Walker Hair Typing SystemSome Common Names
Straight1a-1cnatural straight, bone straight
Wavy2a-2cnatural wave, body wave, loose wavy, deep wave, water wave
Curly3a-3cnatural curly, jerry curl, deep curly, big curly, loose curl
Coily4a-4ckinky curly, kinky afro, kinky coily, coily curly
Kinky Straight...kinky curly straight
Yaki...Italian yaki, light yaki, yaki kinky straight

Hair Color:

Undyed hair color is called natural color, usually black with a bit of brown, sometimes with a few strands of blonde.

Colored hair is divided into ordinary and bleaching dyeing according to different processing techniques. For mixed colors, it is better to provide photos or samples.

You can provide us with the color sample, and we will process it according to the sample; you can also ask us to provide the hair color palette for you to choose from.

Hair swatches for extensions and wigs to determine color


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